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CBC gets it wrong - again! Natural Gas is not as bad as coal.

I am writing in response to your article entitled, “’Clean’ natural gas is actually the new coal: report says” published in “CBC News” on “July 2, 2019”.

I am taking this opportunity to open the door to a constructive, respectful conversation about Canadian energy, particularly natural gas. I hope that you’ll take this opportunity to engage with me too.

I am a proud, female, oil and gas employee, working for an Alberta-based natural gas producer. This is why I feel the opinion piece that was published in your newspaper and other mainstream media sources as if it was fact is perturbing. As a result, I am reaching out to ask you if you would be willing to publish an opinion piece that I write as an opportunity to provide some balance to this article that is purely speculative propaganda and devoid of supportable facts.

If you want to critique my writing capabilities, you can view my open letters that are published in at this link.

Surely, you must be aware of the biased, unbalanced perspective from the team that produced the report. And surely you’re also aware that renewables are not the panacea the anti-fossil fuel activists claim they are. They simply cannot compete on the same scale as natural gas. For example, wind and solar are the fastest growing sources of electricity in Canada. Yet, wind accounts for 5% - 6% of electricity generation in Canada and solar only 0.5%. In comparison, natural gas accounts for 9.2% of electricity in Canada (38.6% in Alberta).

This infographic from my friends at ENERGYMinute provides a snapshot of world energy consumption. If you would like more fact-based, balanced energy information, I recommend checking out their site. It’s very informative.

Here’s another great infographic on natural gas from Canadian Energy Network.

Canada ranks higher than any of the top 10 oil exporting nations in the world on:

Environmental Performance Index (#25)

Women, Peace & Security Index (#7)

Democracy Index (#6)

Social Progress Index (#14)

Press Freedom Index (#18)

I don’t know about you, but I prefer to get my oil and gas from a country with the highest ethical and environmental standards in the world, and I think the entire world should have access to that same energy. The world needs more Canadian natural gas.

Canada currently has a reputation on the world stage for not being able to get things done. Through balanced, honest reporting from your news source, we can change people’s perceptions and become a country that can develop our resources responsibly and sustainably and be a leader in providing energy prosperity across the world.

As such, I ask that you review the information provided in the article and retract it.

To save you some research time, here are a couple of articles from reputable energy news sources on the topic of natural gas produced in Canada.


Deidra Garyk

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