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Hi! I'm Deidra

a Canadian energy advocate, passionate about responsible energy development and sharing information to support balanced, respectful, fact-based conversations about energy.

I've had the good fortune of working in the oil and gas industry for over 15 years. I don’t work on a drilling rig, I don’t work in the oil sands, and I’m not a male executive sitting around a boardroom table. I don’t fit those stereotypes. I am a female who works in an office tower in downtown Calgary. And I’m proud of the work I do. ​

I've held roles of varying seniority in joint venture contracts where I was responsible for negotiating access to pipelines, compressors, plants, and batteries. As well, I was involved in drafting and interpreting contracts for business deals. I spent the last few years leading the Joint Venture department, ensuring contracts were completed accurately and were administered throughout their life-cycle.









My job took me out to sites including plants, compressors, oil batteries, pipelines, and drilling rigs. I've seen first-hand the pride the operators take in ensuring these sites are maintained, and this is why I speak up to dispel myths and mis-truths about Canadian oil and gas, the workers, and the energy sector, in general. 

I believe a diverse, regionally-focused energy mix is essential to ensure energy security and self-sufficiency; therefore, I also support renewable and alternative sources of energy. I think oil and gas can co-exist with renewables and there doesn't have to be a division between the two camps. However, we have to be realistic about the capabilities of the sources of supply and the energy systems.

In my spare time, I'm an independent energy advocate and thought leader who influences through researching, writing, and public speaking on social and public policy issues that affect the energy sector.


My articles and open letters are published in EnergyNow.ca and are widely shared on social media. I also speak to audiences about the importance of advocacy and provide suggestions for how to get involved. 


I advocate to inspire energy supporters across the country to have confidence to speak up proudly for the Canadian industry from coast to coast in an effort to have balanced, honest, fact-based conversations about energy because I believe a collection of voices can influence policy and public perceptions. 

If you want to get involved but don't know what to do, check out my tips on the advocacy page. 

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