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Bill C-69 -- Why it must be defeated

October 4, 2018

Dear Senator,

I am writing you to ask that you defeat Bill C-69, The Impact Assessment Act. This Bill is problematic for three main reasons:

1. Under this proposed Bill, everyone has the right to intervene on major projects, even if they are not directly impacted. This level of engagement is simply inoperative. We know that opposition groups who are not directly impacted will solicit large numbers of people who will demand to be heard in an effort to delay projects so that they are no longer economic, forcing the company to abandon them entirely before they even begin. This isn’t right; only those directly impacted by the project should be granted a seat at the table, and only to voice legitimate, clearly articulated concerns.

2. The Environment Minister has been granted the final decision-making authority, meaning they can delay a resource project indefinitely, or veto it altogether, at their political whim. Giving that much arbitrary power to one person could have far-reaching, negative consequences. Today the villain is oil and gas projects, but tomorrow it may be renewable energy projects.

3. This Bill creates far too much uncertainty for business, which means cost uncertainty that will lead investors to seek projects in other jurisdictions where they can make money; companies need predictability. For example, project review timelines will be extended, adding to uncertainty and costs. New resource projects will have to be scrutinized according to the intersection of sex and gender with other identity factors, something that isn’t clearly defined, creating another example of uncertainty.

Based on the above reasons, and myriad others, I ask you to find the political courage to defeat this Bill.


Deidra Garyk

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